Fields of activity

Surveillance and detection of accomplished and anticipated facts, circumstances and acts in regard of infidelity, age crisis, problems with children and family conflicts.

Tracking of hiding or missing persons, people with no constant address etc.

Gathering of data about civil status, behavior and acts of certain physical/juridical persons.

Clarification of biographical or other information, charactarising certain physical/juridical persons.

Gathering of data for establishing and proving of facts, which are or may be causes for conflicts between physical/juridical persons and can be used for resolving these conflicts.

Gathering of information regarding civil or penal cases.

Detection of persons and circumstances, connected with industrial espionage or company secrets protection.

Research of the market and gathering data for business negotiations about insolvent or unreliable partners.

Establishment of facts and circumstances proving disloyal commercial competition, and violation on the subject of intelectual rights and ownership.

Prizes are negotiable according to the specifications of every particular commission.